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The inspector at LHI Analytical has conducted building inspections for all types of
structures for over 26 years. Craig Lewis, owner has exceptional experience, he is an
expert in building science and maintains several licenses and certifications. LHI has a
licensed radon specialist and environmental health specialist on staff to answer any
question you may have about test results.
ASHI Certified Inspector #4479
NACHI Certified Inspector #1010310
Building Inspector Qualifications
● Licensed Residential & Commercial Specialist # 004720
● Licensed Home Inspector # 24G100019400
● Licensed Radon Technician # MET10095
● Licensed Radon Testing Business # MEB90009
● 26 years in business
● Over 20,000 inspections
● Member ASHI
● Member NACHI
● Certified IAC2
● Infrared Certified
On Staff Specialist
● Radon Specialist
● Environmental Health
If you have questions about your home
We Have the Answers