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What is a HEPA Vacuum and how do I use it?”
By Sara Lewis
A HEPA vacuum is a very useful tool that homeowners can use to clean lead-
contaminated surfaces in their homes. It’s different from a regular vacuum in that
it contains a special filter that
is able to trap very fine dust
particles that are too small to
see -- it is called a High
Efficiency Particulate Air
(HEPA) filter, hence the
name of the vacuum.
These types of vacuums are
beneficial for family members
with sensitive allergies.
There are HEPA vacuums
available that come with
different types of
attachments that can be
used to clean various types
of surfaces (i.e. a carpet
attachment and a canister attachment for reaching high places). Most regular
household vacuums pick up dust and then blow it back out through the back
exhaust of the vacuum, which resettles on furniture in the home.