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“Why Do Attics Get Mold?”
By Sara Lewis
There are a great number of reasons
why attics can develop black mold,
most of which are related to heat and
inadequate ventilation. Black mold is a
common substance found in homes
when moisture and warmth combine to
create the perfect growing
environment for it to sustain itself and
spread itself across a large surface
area. It can cause relatively mild to
severe health reactions in our bodies
due to the allergens, irritants, and
occasional toxins it produces, inducing
symptoms such as couching, sneezing, watery eyes, nasal congestion, chest
tightness and shortness of breath. Therefore it is an issue of basic health when
mold enters in your home.
The only way to find black mold in your attic is, unfortunately, to go up there
yourself and look for it. Here are some of the main reasons why black mold can
grow on your roof decking:
1) Inadequate attic ventilation -- i.e. the wrong type of
2) Improperly designed attic ventilation -- i.e. if you have a combination of vents
that instead of properly exchanging the air between the inside and outside of
the house, they trap and create pockets of “dead air” which condensates on
the roof decking. Dryer, kitchen or bathroom vents -- discharge into the attic
is often responsible for condensation, frost and attic black mold growth.